What is the difference between travel and recreational ball?


As a parent, you want what’s best for your ball player.  But sometimes, it is not always easy to tell what is best for your child. For instance, many parents struggle with the decision to jump from Rec baseball to travel ball.


How to choose between Travel and Rec Ball


Skill Level


Yes, there is a difference in skill level between recreational and travel.  But there are still SKILLED GOOD ball players who play rec ball. Of course, the talent level overall tends to be better on travel teams.




This is the first big difference between travel and rec ball. While most rec leagues play two games per week, so you are also looking at eight games per month, most travel teams exceed that. Plus, these travel teams tend to play yearound, while rec ball plays only spring and fall seasons with summer camps or winter workouts.


Time Commitment


Now here is the big difference between travel and rec ball: time commitment. Travel teams not only practice more than most rec teams, but they also travel. Some tournaments are several hours away. Some tournaments are in other states. Do you have the time to commit to travel? If you do, travel ball can be a very rewarding experience. Instead of playing the same teams and the same players week in and week out, travel teams see talent from different cities and different states!


How to join clarksburg keys or clarksburg Crush?


We have travel program opportunities right here in Clarksburg! Clarksburg Keys is our baseball travel program and Clarksburg Crush is our softball travel program. Below is your contact for both programs. Please reach out to them for more information.


Clarksburg KEYS (BASEBALL)

Contact:  Travis Hart

Email: buildingbetterbaseball@gmail.com



Contact: Perry Berkley

Email: pberkley01@gmail.com