Clarksburg Recreational Baseball and Softball FAQ

  1. What age levels do you offer?


We play baseball at the 4U, 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U levels.  4U is for players aged 3-4 years.  6U is for players aged 5-6 years.  8U is for players aged 7-8 years.  10U is for players aged 9-10 years.  12U is for players aged 11-12 years.

We play softball at 8U, 10U and 13U. 8U is for players Grades 1-3, 10U is for players Grades 4-5 and 13U is for players in Middle School.


  1. What are the differences between the age levels?


4U is T-Ball, with balls batted off the tee, hitting through the line-up every inning, and no outs or scoring.  6U is Coach Pitch, with balls pitched from a coach, hitting through the line-ups every inning, fielding outs only, and no scoring.  8U is Machine Pitch, with balls pitched from a pitching machine, change of half inning after three outs, fielding outs and strikeouts, and scoring.  10U is Player Pitch, with balls pitched by a player, change of half inning after three outs, fielding outs and strikeouts, scoring, base stealing, and end-of-season playoffs.  12U is Player Pitch, with balls pitched by a player, change of half inning after three outs, fielding outs and strikeouts, scoring, base stealing, leading, and end-of-season playoffs.


  1. Do you offer girls softball?


Clarksburg Baseball does offer a girls recreational softball program.


  1. What equipment does my player need?


Your player’s uniform (jersey, pants, belt (8U+), ball cap, socks) is provided by the league and the cost is included in your registration fee.   As a minimum, your player will need a batting helmet and fielding glove for his/her non-throwing hand.  Your player should also bring a bottle of water to practices and games for hydration.  A bat sized to your player and baseball cleats are highly recommended.  Batting gloves are optional.


  1. How often are practices? How long are practices?


The amount of practices depends on age level. 4U, 6U, and 8U practice one night per week.  10U practices 1-2 nights per week, depending on coach preference.  12U and 13U Softball practices 2 nights per week.  4U practices are less than 1 hour in duration.  6U practices are approximately 90 minutes in duration.  8U, 10U, 12U and 13U Softball practices are 90 minutes to 2 hours in duration, depending on coach preference.


  1. How much are coaches paid?


All our recreational baseball and softballl coaches are volunteers from the community.  We are always looking for volunteer coaches.  Coaching the youth of our community is exceedingly rewarding, makes a meaningful difference in their lives, and no previous experience is required.  If you’re interested in learning more about coaching, please contact us at


  1. Where are practices and games played?


We make every effort to schedule all practices on local Clarksburg fields.  However, due to the fact that our league is growing faster than the County is building new fields, we may occasionally place a team on a Germantown or Damascus area field for practices.  Some levels baseball games will include “interleague” games with teams from the Damascus Sports Association (DSA), Urbana  and LOUYAA.  All levels of softball games will include “interleague” games with teams from the OBGC community. Therefore, roughly half of all games will be on local Clarksburg fields and half will be on fields in the local areas.


  1. What days of the week are practices and games?


A team’s practice night(s) is (are) chosen by the team Head Coach.   For 4U and 6U, most games are on Saturdays, except for prior to long holiday weekends, when games may be played on a weekday night or any given Sunday.   For 8U and 10U, there are games every Saturday, plus some weeknight games (not every week) and Sunday games during the season.  For 12U, there is typically one Saturday or Sunday game and one weeknight game every week.


  1. How long is the baseball/softball season?


The regular baseball and softball season is usually 8 weeks long.  For spring, the season typically starts the first weekend of April and ends the weekend before the last day of school for MCPS.  In spring, no games are played on Easter or Memorial Day weekends.  For fall, the season typically starts the weekend after Labor Day and ends the weekend that we go from Daylight Savings time back to Standard Time.  If the fall season starts before Labor Day, no games are played on Labor Day weekend.


  1. Why are your fees so high?


As we are a non-profit community organization, we set our fees to cover the actual costs per player, with no profit above the costs.  Per player costs include field rental for practices and games, uniform, game umpires (10U, 12U and 13U Softball), trophies, and team equipment (baseballs, bases, etc.) We have had to raise our fees significantly in the past two years to cover a 40% increase in the field rental rates set by the County.  Our fees are comparable to other similar baseball organizations in the area, and represent a tremendous value once the hours of recreation are considered.  For example, a typical Spring season of 10U baseball costs only about $9 per hour per player!


           11.  What is your refund policy? 

-100%, if cancellation is received greater than 21 calendar days before season start

-100% minus the $50 uniform fee, if cancellation is received less than 21 days before season start

-No refund, if cancellation is received after season start


12.  What size bat should my child use?

-Click here for Baseball Bat Sizing Chart

-Click here for Softball Bat Sizing Chart

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