Recreational Division Schedules

4U T-ball

Name Owner Schedule
4U Orioles Mark Tanner  Schedule
4U Nationals William Ferry  Schedule
4U Rockies Travis Fones  Schedule
4U Giants Alain Ocampo  Schedule
4U Pirates Ryan Faloon  Schedule
4U Red Sox Aaron Roseberry  Schedule

6U Coach Pitch

Name Owner Schedule
6U Rays Troy McWilliams  Schedule
6U Orioles Brandon Scuffins  Schedule
6U Dodgers Matthew Gribbin  Schedule
6U Giants Rachel Smith  Schedule
6U Cubs Jeff Gill  Schedule
6U Nationals Peter Kim  Schedule
6U Tigers Steve Zuraf  Schedule

8U Machine Pitch

Name Owner Schedule
8U Dodgers Brian Belonia  Schedule
8U Giants Keith Laffman  Schedule
8U Mets Greg Alexander  Schedule
8U Yankees Ted Park  Schedule
8U Orioles Al Hill  Schedule
8U Nationals Brandon Childers  Schedule

8U Machine Pitch

Name Owner Schedule
Mustangs Damian Brant  Schedule
Coyotes Jay Harper  Schedule
Cheetahs Chris Wagner  Schedule

10U Kid Pitch

Name Owner Schedule
10U Orioles Devon Kauflin  Schedule
10U Rockies Franco Di Bari  Schedule

10U Kid Pitch

Name Owner Schedule
Coyotes Erica Lupica  Schedule
Cheetahs David Jones  Schedule

12U Kid Pitch

Name Owner Schedule
12U Rockies Franco Di Bari  Schedule

13U Kid Pitch

Name Owner Schedule
Wildcats Michael Quarles  Schedule


Name Owner Schedule
12U Keys Wendy Davis  Schedule
14U Keys Rob DAttilio  Schedule
18U Clarksburg Crush Scott Davis  Schedule
10U Keys Jennefer Staub  Schedule
11U Keys Bianca Zinzi  Schedule
12U Crush Amy McDermott  Schedule
9U Keys Mike Scalzi  Schedule
13U Keys Joe Hess  Schedule
14U Clarksburg Crush Michael Munday  Schedule
18U Coyotes Jennefer Staub  Schedule

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Clarksburg Baseball and Softball was founded in 2007 by a small group of parents who splintered off from a Clarksburg area, broad based, youth sports, organization to focus their efforts exclusively on baseball activities. From that inaugural season, the organization has grown by five fold to include almost 40 current teams, including a recreational division, select(travel) teams, and recently added softball divisions for girls.

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